Hello Sun Lovers

Welcome to the club. Our names are Annalisa Arcando, Alice De Togni and Alice Perrella: we are three women, friends and business partners, and we are the founders of Heliophilia Club.

Heliophilia means desire to stay in the sun. And this is what inspired us to bring this project to life.

We’ve always been passionate about swimwear and we were determined to create timeless pieces that would fit perfectly on women bodies, on OUR real bodies.

Our goal is to simply deliver the best swimwear you’ve ever worn.

Soft fabrics and romantic shapes -inspired by iconic vintage lingerie pieces-  to hug your curves and celebrate your natural beauty.

Every top and bottom can be purchased separately to meet your comfort and taste. You do you. Always.

Heliophilia is a new beachwear brand entirely made in Italy and we are very proud of our local, ethical and hand made production.

Our fabrics are selected and made in Italy, then sent to our cutter and straight to the laboratories that sew our final pieces together. Once everything is ready it is shipped to us (just a couple of hours away!) and we get to pack every order ourselves with love, so much love!

And we hope that you get to feel this love that we put into our brand and every timeless piece that you will cherish for the years to come.